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One Gear? No Fear!

February 24, 2009 5 comments

Fixed Bridgestone Seriously bro … You won’t believe how simple your life can be with one gear. Fixed or freewheel, it makes life so zen simple (and oh so cheap).

In these uncertain economic times, nothing beats bucking the trend of uber-debt (read:cars) … and getting aboard your very own steed and getting to work or play on your own steam.

Here at TR Bikes you won’t find 10 speed this or carbon that … instead we celebrate all things simple and utility … Front Racks? Cool we dig that … Fenders? Double yep!

Fixed gear commuting makes the world just that little more fun. Do it on the cheap or do it in spades, we’re all for getting there with minimum fuss and minimal shifting … so whaddya got to lose by ditching them gears anyway?

Come visit us for a chat and good times!

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