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New Tires Anyone?

June 21, 2009 18 comments

Good tires are hard to come by and it’s simply magic when you finally get those perfect tires for your ride … the road disappears beneth you, the bike corners on rails .. yadayadaya … you get the message …

And, speaking of perfect tires, TR Bikes is the new dealer for Fyxation’s sweet Session 700 Tires – urban specifc tires for your rolling pleasure. Here is a snapshot of some  tech specs and a teaser pic to get your fyx … ha ha ..

Sweet Sweet Session 700s!

Sweet Sweet Session 700s!

  • 700×28c (28-622)
  • Foldable
  • 120 TPI
  • Kevlar Rolling Protection
  • Pinch-flat protection
  • Full tread pattern bead to bead
  • Full diamond pattern bead to bead
  • Lotsa Colors
  • RRP $90 each (Sorry people)


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More Stuff in Store Today!

June 21, 2009 27 comments
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Nutty About Nitto!

June 15, 2009 38 comments

Ok .. so who does not like Nitto bits?

Here at TR Bikes, we are absolutely nutty on Nitto … from their sweet stems to smooth handlebars, we just can’t get enough of our Japanese buddies … Here are their latest offerings in a few different sizes and shapes for your cruising pleasure …. enjoy the ride!

Risers go for $125. Straights for $115. Bullbars – $200 and Bullhorns, $185. These bars are 25.4 THROUGHOUT so some cross levers may not fit. Standard MTB levers WILL NOT fit.

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White is the new White

June 12, 2009 11 comments

White on White … can’t beat that really … Squeamish about colour? Then white might be your answer. The colour of choice for the sartorial cyclist, make your ride silently stand out from the crowd with the white of white …

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Aussie Goodness

June 5, 2009 30 comments

VelocityCheck out these sweet new Velocity B43 rims straight out of Australia!

Juicy colours for your rolling pleasure – $150 each!

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